Phenomenological Model

Human Ventricular Cells - 2005

This applet is used to simulate the activation of human ventricular epicardial, endocardial, and midmyocardial cells using a 4-variable phenomenological model. The model reproduces various experimental data such as (dv/dt)_max, as well as human APD and CV restitutions (by A. Bueno, E. Cherry and F. Fenton, manuscript in preparation)

Using the applet, the myocyte can be paced at various cycle lengths and the final APD and DI are calculated automatically. In addition, it is possible to visualize the currents, gate variables, and ionic concentrations.

Click "Start" to start the simulation. Use "Replot" to replot on the screen once a check box has been selected or a new value has been entered for S1, S2 or N. Use "Current and Ascii" to plot the total current of the model or obtain ascii data of Voltage vs t.

Things to try: