3D Fithugh-Nagumo Model in Negative Tension Regime

Scroll wave is unstable and leads to "topological" breakup in 3D and spatiotemporal chaos.

3D unstable scroll wave simulation using WebGL

The 3d scroll wave is unstable by negative tention and will produce multiple scroll waves and vortex filaments. By changing epsilon to 0.3 or below, the scroll wave leaves this regime and becomes stable.

Horizontal plane height (min 0, max 30)
plot scroll wave instead of vortex filament.
a b ε dt dx
it delay fps

FHN model. Tip dynamics on a 128x128x32 grid. For negative tension (epsilon >=0.4 )the vortex filament is unstable, it grows and bends leading to creation of multiple filaments and spatiotemporal chaos.