FitzHugh-Nagumo on a 2D Rabbit Ventricular Slice

Rabbit Ventricle

Click the Start button to initiate a plane wave from the left.

The functionality of this applet is similar to the FHN on a 2D squre (for further instructions go there first).

An extra feature in here is that we include the fiber directions on the tissue. This produces an anisotropy on the wave propagation. The slice is from a rabbit heart's section obtained at Andrew McCulloch's lab.

To get a better idea of the what part of the ventricles the slice is. You can see some pig's heart images here and the whole digitalized rabbit ventricle here

Note: If the applet did not open, it is too big for your browser. (so either use another, download the applet and then run it, or use a smaller version without the fibers i.e. homogeneous slice