Stimulation Voltage Profile

This Applet shows the voltage profile as a function of stimulus strength, duration, size, and position. The voltage profile in time can be viewed on a separate graph and the data plotted can be viewed in a tabulated format for saving to a file. Vary the stimulation strength, duration, size, and position to determine the requirements to produce a propagating stimulus.

The voltage profile in time can be plotted in a separate window by pressing the Plot button. On the New Plot window, check Plot (V vs t) and specify the minimum and maximum times over which you wish to plot the voltage. To output data for use with other applications, check Show data (t,V) and copy the tab-delineated data to the application of your choice. The point recorded is 0.15 mm from the left edge and is marked with a green line when the plot button is pressed. (if one decreases the cable length is easier to see).

The text window and graph window appear and disappear each time their respective check boxes are clicked. By clicking on the dismiss window, that window disappears and the simulation ressumes.

The equations for this model (Beeler-Reuter or BR) are taken from Beeler GW and Reuter H, J Physiol 1977; 268: 177-210, and can be found in Appendix **.